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For the love of a horse....

I know how deep the love of a horse or dog runs. The feeling of unconditional love you have for your 4 legged friend. The individual personalities that we have the joy to know and love. We call them our best friend, the one we tell all our secrets too, we cry into their warm fur when the rest of the world is against us and every time they are there for us. There is no greater pleasure for me than the warm breath of my horse on my cheek when I greet her in the morning, its like she is telling me a secret that only me and her can share. 

And that is why we want to celebrate them....

My purpose, my why is to give people beautiful photographs that help them celebrate their horse or dogs personality and the relationship they have with them. As a horse and dog photographer I want to know your story, I want us to fill our session with beauty and love as we capture your best friend. The one you have poured your heart and soul into. I work with owners who know they need to have those images that represent their horse or dogs authentic personality, so that when their friend is gone their story can live on and be remembered forever.

horse photographer in surrey
horse photographer in the uk


Its all about you.....

I want you to come away from your session with a collection of images that you will be able to love and treasure forever. I want to know your goals for this shoot so you make the absolute most of it. My way of working is designed to give you beautiful artwork through my style of photography and amazing quality products. This is so much more than just a digital file.

How you want to spend the time on your shoot is entirely your choice, be it that you want to get dressed up (I can source a hair and make up artist) and get some epic and dramatic style photos on the South Downs or you want to go for a gallop on the beach and get those wild and free moments. Or maybe you are losing your friend and you just want some simple portraits of you and them together.

I want to know, I don't dictate to you how your shoot should go. I want to work with you on a creative level to achieve the photos you want. 

What to do next?

Use the menu to have a look through my gallery and my blog for my recent work. Then there is loads of information on the pricing page so you can see how I help you to make some incredible heirloom artwork. 

Once you are ready to book in for your photo shoot with either your horse or dog or even both just....