I have always been a lover of animals, particularly horses and dogs. For me horses in particular are these amazing sentient beings who want our company, under the right conditions they want to work alongside us. Their emotional intelligence and self awareness is such a wonderful and slightly mysterious thing that I find incredible. I own a wonderful Lusitano called Pearl. I met her on a photo shoot when she was 3 months old and as we met over the stable door I got goosebumps, I knew she was meant to be mine and I left the money for the shoot as a deposit. She came home at 6 months old and we have had a wonderful first couple of years together strengthening our bond and working through the trials and achievements of owning a young horse. She has taught me just as much as I have taught her. 

And then I have Esther. My wonderful Hungarian Vizsla who is always by my side. She is the most loyal and funny dog who I have many adventures with and we both love to go exploring new places together. She has no expectations from me other than the fact I love her and feed her :) Thats why I love dogs they love you unconditionally, they give you their loyalty without question. 

Photographing horses and dogs was a natural transition for me, its something I am deeply passionate about. I want to capture their spirit and characters. I want to work with people who love their horses and dogs as much as I love mine. I live and breath my business, its something I have put all of myself into so that if you decide you want to work with me to create some beautiful images you will get my heart and soul through my creativity and passion. 

I also don't just photograph horses & dogs, I shoot weddings too and you can check that out here Rubie Love Photography.