Why I love what I do……

Why do I love to photograph horses and their owners? What makes it so special too me?

Is it because they are beautiful? Well yes of course how could anyone think their not!!

I will tell you why. It's because I know the journey. I know the journey you have had with your horse. I know the endless early mornings of getting up, getting dirty being cold and being tirelessly devoted. I know the hours you put in, the endless weeks of box rest, staying up until 1am waiting for your horse to poo because they have been colicking, I know the feeling when everything is starting to go so right and then your horse comes out of the field lame finding something ridiculous to hurt themselves on yet again! I know this, I know the journey, I know the love.

I also know the achievements from finally getting a young foal to let you touch them all over, pick up their feet for the first time, that feeling of electric freedom when your horse finally relaxes into a contact and you just float, when you get your big girl pants on and finally jump something bigger than 2ft, or when after that horrible fall and months of fear you have that one good ride that brings back all that confidence. When that bond and trust feels so strong you could do anything together.

I know it, the love, the passion and the tireless devotion be it for your horse that you are just happy to look after everyday or the horse you have schooled up to Grand Prix. I know it.

And I want to capture it! I want to celebrate it with you through photographs. Precious moments in time you can treasure forever through beautiful imagery. That's what I do and that's what I love.

Horse photos kent