Free Photo Shoots for Horse Owners with Terminal Cancer.

 Please send me a message via the contact form to make use of this. Some spaces have gone. 

Please send me a message via the contact form to make use of this. Some spaces have gone. 

So this week I had a inspiring conversation with my friend Kate (who bred my beautiful Pearl and owns Bluebarn Equestrian Centre) who had made a big impact with a small gesture. Offering the arena at Bluebarn for free to horse owners fighting cancer. And because small acts of kindness inspire the same actions from others we came up with my offering: A weekend of 8 free shoots to horse owners bravely facing terminal cancer within 30miles of Bluebarn.  

Why do I want to do this? Because I can and because my whole ethos behind what I do is to have a business that not only gives me a life of creative abundance but also allows me the time and financial abundance to help others in whatever way I can no matter how big or small. I want to see change and kind acts celebrated and carried out and help keep others inspired to do the same.  

So while driving to Kent last night for photo shoots I was thinking how can I can expand on this to outlive just one weekend in January.  

And then this idea popped up. I want to offer 10 free shoots throughout the year every year to horse owners facing terminal illness. The love of our horses is a soul deep line of connection. It's ancient and beautiful and the ultimate connection with another sentient being. And it's often that very connection that gives people the strength to bravely face all life's challenges. And I have an ability to capture that in a beautiful photographic form. And I want to gift that to people who really need it and need to be reminded of it.

Even for just a couple of hours I can help someone feel awesome and give them something special then my purpose is lived out.  

So please share this. Naturally I never want these sessions to be filled but I do want the equestrian community to know that they are there.  

Ami xx